Shuanggou Distillery

Jiangsu Shuanggou Wine Co., Ltd.


Jiangsu Shuanggou Liquor Co., Ltd. is located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province, the capital of Chinese liquor. It is located in Shuanggou Town, a thousand-year-old town surrounded by Huaihe River and Hongze Lake, with a total area of 2.8 square kilometers and total assets of 8.275 billion yuan ( 2020), with more than 4,000 employees. In 2021, Shuanggou Wine Industry will be ranked ninth in the "2021 China Brand Value Evaluation Information List (Light Industry)" with a brand value of 19.964 billion yuan.


First, the winemaking environment is unique: as early as 50,000 years ago, "Xiacaowan people" thrived in the Shuanggou area, which is one of the world's biological evolution centers. In 2002, Shuanggou was demonstrated by hundreds of earth scientists as "the platform of paleontological evolution, the place of origin of human beings, and the place with the most natural winemaking environment and natural wine origin in my country". "Water is the blood of wine", making good wine is inseparable from good water. Shuanggou is connected with 750,000 mu of Hongze Lake wetland by one water. It is one of the three famous wetland wine producing areas in the world. It is the only famous winery built on wetlands in China except for French brandy and Scotch whisky.

The second is the long history of genetic origin: Shuanggou winemaking with written records began in the Song Dynasty more than 1,000 years ago. At present, the ruins of the winemaking workshops in the Song and Yuan Dynasties have been excavated in the old factory area, providing strong evidence for the written records. In the late Tang and early Song Dynasties, the brewing industry was quite prosperous, forming a brewing atmosphere of "every family brews fine wine, and every household prepares fine wine". At that time, people had the reputation of "seeing Yangzhou, drinking and drinking";


The third is the unique and ultimate winemaking process: Shuanggou, as a typical representative of Luzhou-flavored Daqu wine, adopts the old five of the mud cellar solid-state fermentation (thousand-year old cellar), continuous slag ingredients (wannian grain), and mixed steaming and burning (slow fire distillation). The traditional brewing process of Zeng has been passed down from generation to generation. Shuanggou brewing craftsmen have refined the skills that are most suitable for the local brewing environment, and skillfully integrated the water, soil, climate and microorganisms of the wetland to form a unique brewery. "Er Qing and two low, three more and three long" wetland strong aroma process characteristics, endow the Shuanggou wine with the characteristic style of "rich cellar aroma, complex Qu aroma, thick and long taste".

Fourth, the corporate culture is profound and long-standing: After years of accumulation and precipitation, Shuanggou Wine Industry has formed the unique enterprise spirit of "three leaders and three reports" and the core values of "customer first, people first, and forge ahead". . The company has always adhered to the craftsman spirit of "focus, extreme, perseverance, innovation, and love", and is committed to being the most dedicated, professional and visionary liquor company, and the person who understands wine best, knows how to make wine and sells wine best.

Fifth, the product quality is outstanding and outstanding: it is precisely because of the unique ecological environment, the long-standing famous wine genes, the exquisite and ultimate brewing technology and the hard-working Shuanggou culture that Shuanggou's "wetland strong fragrance" wine has been created. As a typical representative of China's old famous wine enterprises and Jianghuai River Basin Luzhou-flavor liquor, Shuanggou Liquor currently owns one Chinese time-honored brand, and three Chinese well-known trademarks of Shuanggou, Shuanggou Zhenbaofang and Su. The leading product, Mianrousu Liquor, was awarded the Sensory Quality Award by the National Liquor of China. "Su Liquor · Tou Pai Liquor" won the "Qingzhuo Award" and "World Star Packaging Award", and Shuanggou Zhenbaofang Fengtan Liquor won the "China Liquor Liquor Body Design Award", etc. In terms of technical strength, it has 10 major R&D platforms such as provincial technology centers, and 31 national wine masters, laying a strong technical support and talent foundation for product quality improvement.

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