Jingshiyuan Distillery

Jingshiyuan Distillery Introduction


Jiangsu Jinshiyuan Liquor Co., Ltd. is one of the "Top Ten" liquor companies in China. It is located in Huai'an, the hometown of Zhou Enlai, the founding premier of the People's Republic of China, and in Gaogou, a "national civilized township". It has nearly 4,000 employees and owns three major brands: "Guoyuan", "Jinshiyuan" and "Gaogou". In July 2014, it was listed on the A-share main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Committed to shaping the most influential cultural brand. In August 1996, Jinshiyuan brand was born. Taking "Yuan" as the core, Jinshi Yuanren explores and disseminates Yuan culture, promotes the brand concept of "destiny in this world, accompany forever", and shapes the brand image of "Chinese people's wedding wine". Established in 2004, the high-end liquor "Guo Yuan" is based on the brand proposition of "a major event must have a destiny", and it is associated with major events, accompanied by success, and toasts to heroes. It has successively entered the United Nations Headquarters and Paris, France, and has become China's "fragrance business card". "Guoyuan V9" is the first Qingya sauce-flavored high-end liquor in China's liquor industry. It participates in the top competition and seizes the golden track. In September 2019, the "Guoyuan V9" satellite was successfully launched at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in China.



Committed to building the most competitive innovative enterprise. As the leader of China's brewing modernization, in 2015, the first set of Chinese liquor retort robot production line was put into operation in Jinshiyuan, which opened a new era of intelligent brewing of Chinese liquor, and won the first prize for scientific and technological progress in China's liquor industry. To build a complete "green food" industrial chain, the core product Guoyuan is the "green food A-level product" recognized by the China Green Food Development Center. Promote the integration of industrialization and informatization, and build smart factories. Introduced the excellent performance management model, explored the management road from excellence to excellence with the characteristics of the present and the world, and won the "National Quality Award".

Committed to creating the most attractive spiritual home. Advocating the concept of happiness of "gathering fate, building together and sharing", cherishing the fate of one heart, being grateful to peers, and building a happy life together. Model fulfillment of social responsibilities and assist in social welfare undertakings such as poverty alleviation. Join hands with "The Fate of the World·Waiting for Me", seek for the fate, and stick to the love. Demonstrate responsibility and love in this world. Won the National Civilized Unit, National "May 1st" Labor Award, National Model Workers' Home and other honors. Jinshiyuan Scenic Spot is a national AAAA-level tourist attraction.

Raise a glass to the fate of this world and forge ahead into the new era. Jinshiyuanren implements the new development concept, shoulders the mission of "brewing good wine and forming a good relationship", and practices the core values ​​of the enterprise of "speaking about kindness and cherishing fate and developing harmoniously". Develop and compose a new chapter in the great cause of winemaking.


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